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Mechanit - Burning Man project picture

Mechanit Project made a special appearance as a sound installation at the Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada in August 2019. The work was realized at the Finnish camp's, Steam of Life's sauna, where the mechanical soundscape created it's own tranquil atmosphere to give the visitors a break from the noises of the Playa.

photo - Hannu Rytky

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Project picture Helena Split

Helena split is a radiophonic, binaural work, that takes an abstract approach in how it treats the spatiality of aural surroundings. The piece splits up the stereo picture in two distinct channels, two separate spaces - left and right. A voice narrative ties the separated spaces together. The binaural, totally realistic, field-recorded spaces are superimposed with each other and thus create whole new, impossible spaces.

The work (4 min) can be listened to here, please listen with headphones:

photo - Raviv Ganchrow

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Project picture Gambler

The Gambler is a theatre play based on the Dostojevsky novel. The play was presented at the Veliky Novgorod Drama theatre in November 2018.

photo - Антоний Киш

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Project picture the Finnish Association of the Deaf

I'm working as a Sound designer at the Finnish Deaf's Association's diverse media publications and events since the autumn of 2016.

photo - Salla Savolainen

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Mechanit Project is an adaptation of the sounds of industrial machines from the past. Machine noises are mixed with live music and an eccentric light design. Mechanit had its premiere at the Tampere Steam Engine Museum at the Night of the Museums, May 2015.

Koneen Säätiö, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland is funding the Mechanit Project's upcoming Europe tour.

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Project picture Listener

Listener is a spatial interactive audiovisual sound installation. The audience is invited one by one into a darkened room to explore the vivid interactivity of the surrounding rattling sound in the light of a flashlight.

”The visitor enters the fully blacked out space alone. The only light is the flashlight they are handed at the entrance. There is a continuous uneasy rattling, a cricket-like sound that soon surrounds the visitor completely.

The rattling goes suddenly quiet when the visitor lights the flashlight. The visitor searches around the space with the flashlight, the rattling gradually fades in. It feels like the source of the rattling is though continuously evading the light beam however hard you try to find it.

The visitor can slowly see the “root system” of cables that has grown like a vine over the carpet, the tables, the walls. Some are even hanging from the ceiling. In the end of every vine is a little metallic thing, a motor of some kind.”

Aesthetically the work investigates the agency of machines. The timid character of the motors invites the viewer to meditate on the presence shared between her/him and the mechanical beings in the shared space.

Technically the installation is built around a modular solenoid motor and light sensor system. The fully acoustic and spatially articulate soundscape of the work is produced solely by the mechanical action of the solenoids. The work is adaptable to a wide variety of spaces and is scalable with its 20-54 solenoid motors and can accommodate spaces between 20-70m2.

A slideshow (4:40 min) accompanied by a binaural recording can be found here: https://youtu.be/-7d404tP7Y8, please listen with headphones.